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Plant Nutrition & Agronomic Solutions

By March 29, 2016November 17th, 2023No Comments

We now carry Redox, a line of specialty plant food that delivers proven results, the highest level of uptake efficiency, and reduced risk to the environment through lower inputs with maximum growth benefits.

Redox products are designed by farmers and advanced by science, resulting in a line of fertilizers that help you grow beyond what’s expected. No matter your soil need, we can achieve an optimal result – together.

We offer the following products from the Redox line:

Mainstay Calcium
A reacted plant nutrient high in calcium that improves plant calcium nutrition due to high plant absorption and utilization due to microencapsulation.

A reacted plant nutrient high in potassium and phosphate unique in its ability to promote phenolic compound production. Use diKaP to reduce oxidative stress and to increase plant yield and quality.

TriPlex Micro
A six nutrient combination fertilizer. It is complexed and chelated for efficient uptake whether applied to the plant foliage or soil. It offers optimum efficiency for the budget dollar.

A reacted plant nutrient high in phosphorus that resists tie up and stimulates root growth.

A reacted plant nutrient high in phosphorus, providing highly efficient P nutrition due to a unique Redox complexing process.

Rx Supreme
A reacted plant nutrient product containing key plant elements as well as soluble carbon compounds derived from a proprietary fermentation process improving plant nitrogen metabolism.