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Featured Fungicides

The products listed here are not a complete list of all available products. Please contact Okanagan Fertilizer for application instructions and other product inquiries.


Powered by Revysol®, an innovative new active ingredient, Cevya® is a systemic fungicide from BASF that provides fast and continuous pre- and post-infection control of key diseases.


Flint® is a broad-spectrum systemic fungicide with long-lasting preventative protection against important diseases in pome fruit, grapes, and cherries. It works by inhibiting spore germination and mycelial growth and provides extended preventive protection by protecting the leaf surface, penetrating plant tissue, and redistributing through vapour action.

Parasol WG

Parasol® WG fungicide provides growers with consistent, uniform copper coverage and enhanced disease protection through extremely small particle size and a high organic copper load.