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Organic Granular

The products listed here are not a complete list of all available products. Please contact Okanagan Fertilizer for application instructions and other product inquiries.

EcoMAX 10-2-4

EcoMAX 10-2-4 is of our certified organic granular fertilizer. EcoMAX is a premium blend of organic matter designed to enhance soil fertility and promote plant growth. With a balanced formula of 10% nitrogen, 2% phosphorus and 4% potassium, this organic and environmentally friendly fertilizer feeds crops while adhering to the highest organic standards.

EcoMAX 7-6-6

EcoMAX 7-6-6 is our other certified organic granular fertilizer. This balanced blend is crafted to enrich soil fertility and support strong plant growth. Formulated with 7% nitrogen, 6% phosphorus, and 6% potassium, this eco-friendly fertilizer provides essential nutrients for your plants, ensuring optimal health and organic yield.

Organic Foliar

The products listed here are not an extensive list of all available organic foliar. Please contact Okanagan Fertilizer for other product inquiries.

Pür Cal

0–0–0 + 12% Ca

Pür Combo

0–0–0 + 2.5% S + micros

Pür Cu

0–0–0 + 2.5% S + 5% Cu

Pür Mn

0–0–0+6%Mn+0.5%Fe +3.5%S

Pür Soya

0–0–0 + 3% S + micros

Pür Zn

0–0–0 + 4.5% S + 9% Zn

Enviro Boron™

16.5% B

Enviro Calcium™

8.1% Ca

Enviro Copper™

4.0% Cu

Enviro Iron™

4.0% Fe

Enviro Lex™

8.0% K₂O, 2.0% Ca

Enviro Magnesium™

4.0% Mg

Enviro Manganese™

5.5% Mn

Enviro Potassium™

14.0% K₂O

Enviro Zinc™

8.5% Zn