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Corn Seed

The products listed here are not a complete list of all available products. Please contact Okanagan Fertilizer for application instructions and other product inquiries.

Recommended: 28,000 – 34,000 seeding per acre.

DEKALB DKC21-36 RIB | 71RM 2075 CHU

Dekalbs’s premier corn variety, 21-36, is characterized by late flowering for optimal maturity and a quick dry down. This hybrid provides exceptional emergence, seedling vigor, and root strength; outstanding stay green and test weight, with remarkable drought tolerance. This is a great choice for enhanced protection against Northern corn leaf blight and common rust.

DEKALB 26-40 RIB | 76RM 2150 CHU

This hybrid boasts excellent emergence and seedling vigor, with exceptional test weight and a great late-season appearance. With its fast drydown, 26-40 positions itself on the early side of its relative maturity, complemented by a strong disease resilience.

DEKALB 24-06 RIB | 74 RM 2100 CHU

Most notable about this corn variety is the excellent test weight, robust stalk strength, strong drydown, and great harvest appearance. All of this is coupled with impressive root strength and drought tolerance.

DEKLAB 31-85 RIB | 81RM 2425 CHU

This corn variety offers excellent staygreen, very good emergence, as well as great root & stalk strength. 31-85 provides impressive drought tolerance and good drydown. Notably, this was one of our top-ranked varieties from our 2023 corn trials. For more information on this, please contact the office or your sales rep.

DEKALB 29-89 RIB | 79RM 2275 CHU

Featuring fixed ear, this corn variety exhibits late flowering for maturity and rapid drydown. 29-89 also has outstanding drought tolerance and excellent root and stalk strength.

DEKALB 34-57 RIB | 84RM 2575 CHU

This versatile corn hybrid offers a range of advantages over other hybrids. 34-57 offers high yield potential and consistently strong performance across various environments. Flowering and drydown align well for maturity, and the tall plant type make it an excellent dual-purpose hybrid. Please note that this hybrid in particular is well-suited for loamy soils.

DEKALB 38-55 RIB | 88RM 2650 CHU

38-55 is a medium-to-tall statured hybrid with early flowering relative to its maturity and showcases robust performance across all tested soil types. For best results, it is recommended to plant at medium-to-high populations, ensuring the hybrid’s full potential is realized.

DLF 2142 RR | 74RM 2100 CHU

This hybrid stands out with its ultra-early flowering and maturation. 2142 has exceptional late-season appearance and persistent staygreen. This variety boasts excellent stalk strength, good root strength, and it combines technology with natural resilience for optimal performance.

DLF 2320RR | 78 RM 2200 CHU

The 2320 hybrid serves as an impressive dual-purpose option. This hybrid is known for flowering and developing black layers exceptionally early. It maintains a tall appearance with staygreen characteristics. Notably, this hybrid has a slower drydown due to the flint kernel influence.

DLF 2334V2TP RIB | 80RM 2300

This variety is the VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® Corn technology version of DLF 2333RR. If rootworm or armyworm have been an impediment, this variety is a great option being resistant to that. 2334V2TP TIB showcases impressive yield performance as an early-maturing hybrid. Similar to many of the aforementioned varieties, this also possesses a slow drydown influenced by flint kernels, but it ensures an outstanding late-season look and staygreen.

DLF 2332 – Conventional | 79RM 2250 CHU

This conventional version of DLF 2333RR & DLF 2334VT2P RIB delivers impressive yield performance as an early-maturing hybrid. Similar to 2320, this hybrid is characterized by a slow drydown influenced from flint kernels. Notably, it maintains an outstanding late season look and staygreen, with uniform and consistent ear development down the entire row.

DLF 2333RR | 79RM 2250 CHU

This version of DLF 2332 & DLF 2334VT2P RIB stands out for its impressive yield performance as an early-maturing hybrid. Again, this features a slow drydown attributed to flint kernels. With an outstanding late season look and staygreen, it ensures uniform and consistent ear development down the entire row.

DLF ExPand LF RR | 90RM 2625 CHU

Another very popular and high-performing variety is ExPand. ExPand is a floury leafy corn silage variety and a superior choice for increased rumen available starch. This variety showcases very good emergence and early-season development, ensuring high dry matter yield. With a distinctive white cob, it offers excellent feedout quality without cob disks.

DLF 2495 RR | 80RM 2325 CHU

Being one of the most popular choices in the Okanagan since its inauguration, this variety provides consistently good results and ranked highly in our 2023 corn trials. 2495 is an impressive dual-purpose option with excellent emergence and is known for its tall stature and staygreen characteristics. This variety exhibits slow drydown due to flint kernels.

DLF 2552 RR | 83RM 2475 CHU

The 2552 variety has top-end yield potential coupled with rapid drydown, making it a great choice for growers. With good late season staygreen, intactness, wide adaptability, and excellent stalk and root strength, it ensures good performance. Characterized by a medium-tall plant height, it’s an excellent solution for maximizing corn yields.

DLF ExSeed LF RR | 85RM 2450 CHU

Similar to ExPand, ExSeed is also a floury leafy corn silage hybrid. This variety is enriched with abundant rumen-available starch and its distinctive white cob ensures a high feedout quality without cob disks. This variety boasts a high grain-to-stover ratio, resulting in a substantial dry matter yield.  ExSeed has been a very popular choice for growers and it proved effective in our corn trials.

DLF ExAmine LF RR | 86RM 2625 CHU

New this year, ExAmine is a full floury leafy corn silage that boasts excellent emergence and early season development. ExAmine is characterized by its tall plant height and is a well-rounded choice for corn seed.