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The products listed here are not a complete list of all available products. Please contact Okanagan Fertilizer for application instructions and other product inquiries.

Fulvipro Fulvic Acid

Carbon-complexed with Micro Carbon Technology® is an activated liquid fulvic-acid source derived from highly oxidized leonardite material. FULVI PRO® provides a liquid carbon-rich foliar additive as well as a food substrate for the beneficial biology in the soil.

Fertisoil C-Plex 5-0-0 + micros

iNvigorate 0-0-0.5 Microbial

iNvigorate creates a highly productive microbial community when applied to the soil, assisting in nutrient uptake, and improving fertilizer efficiency. More specifically, these microbes create a highly productive microbial system in the soil, promoting the absorption of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and critical minerals to increase the level of bioavailable nutrients to the crop root system.

B Sure

B Sure® is a liquid nutrient solution derived by microbial fermentation that improves photosynthesis and plant metabolism, boosting multiple critical metabolic plant pathways that are critical to its success increasing crop productivity and potential.


NEW Minuet® biological fungicide is a soil-applied biological for potatoes and other vegetable crops. A proven in-furrow biological fungicide, Minuet is specifically designed for soil application and is a great addition to a full-season program to support increased crop quality and yield potential.

Serenade Opti

Serenade® OPTI biological fungicide aids in the suppression of early blight and white mould in potatoes and powdery mildew, botrytis and bacterial diseases in many fruit and vegetable crops including bulb vegetables (Crop Group 3), leafy vegetables (Crop Group 4), cole crops (Crop Group 5), cucurbit vegetables (Crop Group 9), fruiting vegetables (Crop Group 8) and bushberries and cane berries (Crop Group 13).