A popular blend in the Fraser valley and Vancouver Island for forage grass.


Used on forage grass and alfalfa-grass mixtures, often after each cut.


An ideal balanced blend for high nitrogen crops such as forage grass, corn, cereals and soft fruit.


Originally formulated for mixtures of grass and alfalfa, this blend has also become popular for field crops and tree fruit.


With nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in a 1:1:1 ratio, this low sulfur blend is used on all crops.


One of our most popular all-purpose blends, used on everything from alfalfa to tree fruits.  Its often used as a “starter” fertilizer when seeding or planting.  


Often used on alfalfa and other crops requiring minimal nitrogen.  It’s also used as an all-purpose blend whenever high proportions of phosphorous and potassium are required.

15.5-0-0-19Ca, Calcium Nitrate

Used primarily on horticultural cops and whenever immediately available nitrate nitrogen is required.  Calcium Nitrate will not the acidify soil.

0-0-50-17S, Sulphate of Potash

An alternative potassium source with a lower salt index than muriate of potash, making it popular for use on potatoes, berries and other salt sensitive crops.

0-0-21.5-21S-10.5Mg, K-Mag Premium

Derived from naturally occurring sulphate of potash-magnesia, K-Mag Premium is the principle source of magnesium in our fertilizer blends.   Because both its potassium and magnesium are both in the sulfate form, K-Mag Premium is quickly available for plant consumption and has a relatively low salt-index.  This high quality granular product is used on all crops.


Muriate of Potash (potassium chloride) is the most economical source of potassium available.  It is primarily used in blends  on a wide range of crops.  Though not certified for organic production, 0-0-60 is a natural product mined in Saskatchewan.


Mono-ammonium phosphate is used as the phosphate source in blends.  It can be used alone when a high level of supplemental phosphorous is required.  11-52-0 has a very low salt-index rating, making it very safe for seedlings and placement with seed.


Ammonium Sulphate is primarily used as a source of sulfur in fertilizer blends.  It is the most strongly acidifying nitrogen fertilizer and is often used as a nitrogen source on high pH soils.


Urea is the lowest-cost form of granular nitrogen fertilizer available and is also the most widely used in North America.  It is the primary nitrogen component of most of our fertilizer blends and is also used on its own, when only nitrogen fertilizer is required.

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