Maizex Leafy silage hybrids have been bred and developed specifically for silage purposes. They have extra leaves above the ear. These extra leaves not only mean more total tonnage, but they raise the sugar content of the corn silage. This extra sugar content allows for a faster fermentation after harvest. The grain of leafy hybrids is softer and this allows the starch to be more available to the rumen microbes. Higher starch availability means you can feed leafy silage as soon as a month after harvest.

  • Higher total silage yields.
  • High starch contents and high starch availability.
  • Leafy hybrids have slow grain and plant drydown allowing for a wider harvest window.
Maizex LF815R

A relatively new hybrid and a leader in the 2550­2700 chu range. Trial data from the last two years in our hometown of Enderby have produced indicate 113% relative yield and 37.5% grain content. LF815R is a tall hybrid with broad leaves and exceptional total plant yields.

Seeding rate: 28,000 – 30,000 seeds per acre

Maizex LF728R

The leading early hybrid for the southern BC interior and Cariboo regions producing exceptional total plant yields with very high grain content. In the 2014 Enderby trials, LF728 was the clear leader, with 125% relative yield and 55% grain content. LF728 is a broadly adapted hybrid with unmatched spring vigor.

Maizex LF815R

For the last eight years, LF755RR and its conventional counterpart LF753 has been one of BC’s best performing hybrids in the 2350­2500 chu range. Pacific Field Corn Association independent trials confirm this trend, with both a remarkably high relative yield and grain content. LF755R emerges very fast in the spring, with dark green, upright leaves and often double­cobs in the right growing conditions.

Seeding rate: 28,000 – 30,000 seeds per acre

Deklab Corn & Seed

Silage Ready

Higher quality and more milk from every acre you grow.

For many years, the DEKALB brand has been delivering high­yielding corn silage options for Canadian growers. Today, the DEKALB® brand offers growers products that deliver the most potential for top quality silage and maximum milk per acre. We source our genetics globally and test locally to ensure a selection of top­performing products that suit your fields for maturity, disease and insect resistance. Plus, you can count on us for hands­on agronomic advice that makes the most of your silage choice.


DEKALB® Silage Ready™ hybrids are determined by:

  • Evaluating experimental and commercial corn silage hybrids every year
  • Taking a silage sample of each hybrid and testing for key information, with a focus on Milk or Meat per Acre for maximum return to your farm
  • Predicting milk and meat production potential using tools such as MILK2006 from the University of Washington
  • Undergoing testing for a minimum of 2 years and have a rating of 2 or better for Ton/acre and milk/acre

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