Better Crops and a Better Environment.

Since 1976, we’ve been protecting the environment and maximizing client productivity with sustainable agronomic practices. Sustainable agronomy isn’t about organic versus conventional production, and it doesn’t pit small against large producers. It’s about ensuring crop inputs are used properly, so that production is maximized and the environment is protected.

Superior Agronomic Analysis Soil Analysis:

The foundation of sustainable agronomy. This process looks at the nutritional and chemical status of your soil and determines what specific plant food nutrients are required to achieve your production objectives. 

Plant Tissue Analysis:

Provides a snapshot of plant nutritional health at the time of sampling. Used during critical periods of plant growth, tissue analysis indicates whether specific plant food nutrients may be limiting crop growth. Corrective action can then be taken to ensure that production doesn’t suffer. 

Irrigation Water Analysis:

The quality of irrigation water can have a dramatic impact on soil health and crop production. Irrigation Water Analysis tells us if potentially harmful salts are present at levels that can negatively impact crop production.

Manure / Compost Analysis:

Both manure and compost can be valuable nutritional inputs. This analysis provides a breakdown of nutrient content in fertilizer equivalents.

The Best Fertilizer

Using the analytical tools listed above, our certified Professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) will recommend a unique fertilizer blend that meets the specific nutritional needs of your crop. This eliminates the guesswork in putting together a fertilizer program, ensuring that your fertilizer dollar is invested in nutrients that are required to maximize production. In addition to improving your bottom line, prescription fertility protects the environment from unwarranted or excess fertilizer applications.

The Right Recommendation 

The philosophy of prescription agronomy extends beyond fertilizer. Our professional Agrologist (P.Ag.) and sales advisors will also provide you with the best possible advice on using crop protection products. In addition, we can determine the best forage, corn or cereal seed for your needs.

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In conjunction with A&L Canada Labs, trained Agronomists provide you with products designed to help you achieve your production objectives. A&L is one of the largest Agricultural and Environmental Laboratories specializing in soil testing, plant tissue analysis, fertilizer analysis and irrigation water testing. Contact Okanagan Fertilizer for a nutritional consultation by certified agronomists and certified crop specialists.

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